Is there anybody in the Seattle are who can help me?

  • In the 25 years that I've run my domain, it has grown from tiny to large and back.  A lot of this involves my disabilities and my workload; but since I am recently retired from the rat race I'm able to put in more time to my volunteer hacking.  Things like messing with hardware are beyond my abilities, tho.  Right now, I am down from 5 tower computers to three.  One is a 1998 HP that runs pfSense.  Last fall I bought a kit that draws something like 4 watts which is considerably less that the 1998 box.  I'm looking for somebody in the Seattle area who understands enough about the burning pfsense into the 1G of flash memory and setting me up.  (I've got the statefile of my current pfSense configuration and the necessary pfSense binary.)

    Anybody nearby who can help me save the environment–-or whatever my slice of it is?

    tia, folks.

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