Pfsense 2.0 RC1 reqognize 3 of 4 NIC

  • Hello i have a computer wich have a intel 10/100 nic on motherboard, and 3 10/100 canyon cnp-lan2 NIC card. So I have 4 NIC , I install the latest pfsense 2.0. rc1 29 april 2011. I have one problem with my NIC.
    pfsense reqognize only nic on motherboard and 2 of 3 NIC (cnp-lan2) so i have onli fxp0 and rl0 and rl1. Can i manually add the rl2? my fourth NIC? or is is not posible?
    thanks for helping me.

  • I presume you have tried to add the interface rl2 from the web GUI by Interfaces -> (assign) Interface assignments tab then click on the + toward the bottom of the screen.

    There might have been an error detected on startup on rl2. Please post the output of the pfSense shell command # dmesg | grep rl.

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