• Hello!

    Is somebody working with the spamd package ???

    With pfsense 1.0.1 it seems that the external providers and whitelist are
    not working. GUI don't have also a place to put blacklists (?).

    I had to make the following script:


    Josep Pujadas i Jubany (02-feb-2007)

    Updating /var/db/blacklist.txt and /var/db/whitelist.txt for pfSense 1.0.1

    mkdir tmp
    cd tmp

    /usr/bin/gunzip spews_list_level1.txt.gz
    cat spews_list_level1.txt > blacklist.txt
    cat ../lf.txt >> blacklist.txt

    /usr/bin/gunzip chinacidr.txt.gz
    cat chinacidr.txt >> blacklist.txt
    cat ../lf.txt >> blacklist.txt

    /usr/bin/gunzip koreacidr.txt.gz
    cat chinacidr.txt >> blacklist.txt
    cat ../lf.txt >> blacklist.txt


    mv blacklist.txt /var/db/.
    mv whitelist.txt /var/db/.

    cd ..
    rm -R tmp

    (lf.txt is just a file with a blank line …)

    Now the GUI says:

    Database totals:
    70 total items in the whitelist.
    15357 total items in the blacklist.
    120 total items in the SpamDB.

    But I'm not sure that my spmad is good working. I think it does'nt not use 
    blacklist.txt and whitelist.txt. For example, messages from (a pool
    of mailservers) continue to be greylisted ...

    Please help!

    Josep Pujadas

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