Kill State

  • What is the command used to kill a connection, you can add the cronjob?
    The need for this is linked to this topic,31624.0.html

    So need a way to reset the connection every half hour for example

  • I use /sbin/pfctl -k $local_voip_ip -k $provider_voip_ip
    With some changes you probably can use this part of my voip script for pfSense 2

    # Write phone states to file
    /sbin/pfctl -s state | grep $local_voip_ip > /tmp/statetmp.status
    # Kill VOIP phone states if in wrong state
    awkrepley3=`awk '/'$wan2ip'/ && /'$provider_voip_ip'/ && /SINGLE/ {print "down"}' /tmp/statetmp.status`
      if [ "${awkrepley3}" = "down" ] ; then
        /sbin/pfctl -k $local_voip_ip -k $provider_voip_ip
        echo "states frozen kill them" | logger  

  • Perry thank you very much.  :D :D :D

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