Loader, large inode numbers, /tmp, and kernel not found

  • So because the axe driver in the current RC is broken, I had to build a kernel. I copied into /tmp with scp, then moved into place in /boot, moving the old kernel aside first.

    Reboot, get an error that loader can't find kernel. Working through via loader, ls boot shows kernel as a directory; ls boot/kernel says file not file not found. wha?

    So after a bit of fooling around I discovered that the inode numbers if i copied the files into /boot were in the same (low) range as the existing kernel, but if i mv'd the kernel directly out of /tmp into /boot, bam, large inode numbers, unbootable.

    I don't think there's a "fix" for this per se. Just figured I'd share this in case it eventually bites someone else.

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