Pfsense 2.0RC2 with Dual-WAN gateway problem

  • i have a dual-wan setup that works great when there are 2 different ISP's. and i connect both WAN 1 and WAN2 to cable modem and connected using DHCP i get 2 simmiler Ip's that start the same and change in the last octate.

    when there are 2 allmost identical Ip's pfsense going nuts. it thinks that his gateway are down  when i switch one of the WAN to other ADSL ISP i get Both Online and working.

  • Not sure if I understood you correct, but if the bothe WAN lines are in the same subnet / have the same gateway then it will not work with loadbalancing. You need a trick and double NAT on one line.
    Is this what you asked ?!

  • sounds like perhaps both gateways belong on the same interface. I found that pfsense doesn't failover properly in this case though (if the default gw drops everything drops, as all the pings to monitor IP seem to go through default gw only)


  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    If both IPs are in the same subnet (as you say, only change in the last place), they likely have the same gateway. You cannot have two WANs in the same subnet with the same gateway.

    If you can turn one of your modems into a router that does NAT, you could use that for your second WAN.

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