Asterisk TOS=0x68 for SIP - How to match in pfsense QOS VOIP Queues?

  • I was having trouble getting the SIP traffic for the hosts in the alias I setup, VOIPERS, to route to the VOIP up/down queues.  I had lowdelay set on the pfsense side.  On the Asterisk side, under its SIP conf file, it used to support 'tos=lowdelay', but, now, it uses 'tos=0x68' (which is also being used by a lot of other SIP devices these days I read).  Should I just "not care" and what about settings for Reliability and Throughput?  And, is there some way to have pfsense recognize the SIP by 0x68?

    I am completely new to traffic shaping (< 24 hours) but a fast learner!  :-)


  • This is a diffserv value, another implementation to use the same bits in the header like the TOS field. Unfortunately pfSense can't handle these values atm. See

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