Subnet Access - What to do and how to do?

  • Dear Friends,

    I'm having a terrible doubt. Actually I do not know how to do this in pfSense.

    I have the following networks:

    Rl0 - WAN - Internet
    GW: -> Note: Here I set the Gateway menu (Interfaces: WAN) interface is an Internet connection

    RL1 - LAN_WiFi (Wireless)

    RL2 (OPT1)

    RL3 (OPT2)

    RL4 (OPT3)
    GW: -> Note: Here I need this to be the gateway. Where should I set? On the menu (Interfaces: OPT3)?

    Need by any of these networks to access a file server that is in another place
    with IP:

    Should I create a route here? What would be the same if this is the case?

    So for all to understand this file server is in the building number 01
    while I'm in the building number 02.

    The connection between the buildings 01 and 02 is made by the wireless network. In this case the RL4 (OPT3)

    2.0-RC1 (i386)
    built on Mon May 2 21:11:55 EDT 2011

    Since already thank anyone who can help.



  • Sound like you need a static route saying is used to access (web GUI: System -> Routing click on Routes tab

    And you will then need to configure suitable firewall rules to allow access from OPTx networks (by default that is blocked).

  • Ok I'll try.
    Give me a hint how to set up this rule, please.

  • Go to System: Routing: Gateways and add an entry for the IP address of the remote router that your are connected to via OPT3. Do not check the default gateway box. Save.

    Now go to System: Routing: Static Routes and add a route. Destination network is (or whatever mask the fileserver uses) and the gateway is that you just created. Save.

    If you did it right then pfsense now knows that any packet destined for the subnet needs to be routed through the 10.0.0.x router at the other end of your wireless link.

    Note that the router on the other end of the wireless link must also similarly have a route back to the networks connected to pfsense, using as the gateway, unless you're using advanced outbound NAT to NAT everything out of OPT3, in which case the fileserver just thinks it's talking to, which the remote router already know how to find.

    If the remote network ('s router (10.0.0.x) is using pfsense as it's default gateway then you can disregard the last paragraph, as it will route all non-local traffic to pfsense anyway.

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