• Hi, sorry if I ask at wrong place or just do something wrong :-)

    I have added 3 rules in the Floating section, allow port 80,53,icmp to make sure I can browse and ping from my LAN on the Internet, I have selected both WAN and LAN in the rule but it is not working, I need to make sure these rules are in the LAN tab as well, I really thought it would be enough to put these only in the floating section, because I am a newbee! I hope someone can explain this to me.

    Any help much appreciated.

    I run with the latest version and have no other rules active.

  • First of all: I haven't done floating rules myself, because i have no need

    Few questions:

    • can you ping without dns as an example can you ping

    • can you ping with dns as an example www.google.com

    When you made these rules did you also determined source port for webrule(port 80)

  • Hi,

    thanks for your reply, I can not do anything when using the floating rules, although the manual says clearly that any rule here will work on both (lan/wan)  So to save he trouble to make rules in wan and lan it is a good option unless there is a better alternative for doing that.

    If i look in the system log i then see that it is been revoked and allowing the (easy) rule on the lan makes it working.
    So the floating is not working as it is ment to be, right?

    No, i have not deleted that rule! but that rule makes it possible to access the webgui only and not to go outside if i am correct.

  • Sounds like you should be sticking with LAN rules only, you have no need for any WAN rules at all or floating rules in typical simple configurations. You're going to be allowing much more than you should be by adding those rules as floating on WAN.

  • it works the way you configure it, there are no issues in rules