Periodic latency spikes

  • Hi! I'm new and have searched the forums but haven't found a solution. This is the first time I'm trying pfsense and I'm experiencing some issues.

    My problem is that about once an hour the RRD graphs show a spike in latency. I haven't noticed any problem when gaming, but I am running a game server and want to be sure people aren't getting crazy pings when playing.

    The RRD graphs look like this

    and have looked the same way all since the first day. Any ideas about what can be wrong?

    I am using a 2.66 Ghz P4 and a couple of realtek based Gigabit NICs. Are the cheap NICs causing this?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Are there any corresponding spikes on the traffic or packet graphs?

    Something that regular, once per hour, sounds like something on your network sending/receiving a chunk of data on a schedule.

  • Thanks for the reply!

    Nope, no extra network usage at the spikes. The CPU activity is also constantly very low, as expected with a 2.6 Ghz P4 on a 100 Mbit connection.

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    What kind of connection is your WAN using?

    Is it some kind of shared network? It could really be legitimate latency on the WAN-side network

  • The wan is connected directly to an ISP, no shared network.

    You mean the latency could be caused by my ISP?

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    It's possible, it could be anything between your firewall and the gateway IP (or monitor IP if you are pinging elsewhere).

    If you have no variances in CPU usage or bandwidth usage at those times, there isn't much that could cause a spike in latency unless it's actual latency on your line.

  • Kind of what I suspected. I'll try getting hold of a better NIC before I start complaining to the ISP though, just to be sure. Thanks a lot for the help!

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