• Hello.

    First post here. And I am new to pfsense so this may be me doing something wrong rather than the latest snapshot beeing wrong.

    I just ran through the trafic shaper wizard. I am on a 80/80Mb fiber gave the up/down speeds to just 2Mb. After that dooing a speedtest shows download 80Mbit and upload 1.8Mbit. So only upload is beeing shaped.

    When looking under Firewall -> Traffic Shaper the first tab "by interface". There I see many queues under WAN but no queues under LAN. I guess that this must be an error. True?

    I am on the latest version, just did an update and then ran through the Shaper Wizard:
    Version 2.0-RC1 (i386)
    built on Thu May 5 18:57:53 EDT 2011  (latest version)
    Platform nanobsd (512mb)
    NanoBSD Boot Slice pfsense0 / ad1s1
    CPU Type Intel(R) Atom(TM) CPU Z530 @ 1.60GHz

    Br. Anders

  • This is because the wizard is currently only configured to create queues for WAN type interfaces. You will need to manually create the queues for LAN type interfaces, but once that's done it will work as you expect. I ran into this as well.

  • Thanks for your fast feedback.
    Then I will copy and reate new rules to LAN that is matching the auto-created ones for WAN.


    Smart. It can be done semi-automatic:

    1. I went to Firewall -> Traffic Shaper and run through the Wizard. In my case multible WAN with just 1 WAN
    2. When done click  the tab "By queue".
    3. Then clicked the WAN queue
    4. At the bottom under the LAN I clicked the "Clone to this interface"
    5. Done deal! All sub queues have now been copied to my LAN and is working for both WAN and LAN

  • Brilliant!