Connection hangs from my LAN box to my WAN ip while NAT Reflection is enabled

  • I have Pfsense installed with 2 WAN interfaces (one ftth and one dsl) and one lan subnet (192.168.5.*)
    I want to connect trough one of my external WAN ip's from inside some of my LAN boxes to my FTP server wich is running on port 1234… In the first place this wasnt possible for me becuase Disable NAT Reflection' at System -> Advanced was checked... so ive unchecked it and saved the settings... But when i try to connect now to my ftp server trough my external ip at one of my lan boxes the connection stucks... so that means the FTP client says

    [L] Connecting to xxxxx -> DNS=xxxxx IP=xxxxx PORT=1234
    [L] Connected to xxxxx

    and then it hangs… this also the same with other applications.. they all hanging when connecting to it... i have no idea what to do now... please help

  • Sorry but FTP will not work with reflection.

  • I got the same with Terminal Services… if i connect to my external ip trough windows remote desktop it takes some secs and then a message popups the connection got a timeout... but if i telnet to the terminal service port at my external ip trough cmd it will response... it looks like i need to add some rule that let the traffic pass

  • Never heard of that.  If reflection is enabled it should just work.

  • well, the problem was the protos i configured in the mappings were tcp/udp… i modified it to tcp now and now its fully working

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