Sync states from slave to master? - SOLVED

  • Edit: A certain dozy idiot may have had his wan vip with a /32. Changed it to correct value and it works nicely! Please ignore rest of this thread unless this helps you in some way!

    After following the tutorial, I've noticed when I take my primary down after a pause, downloads will continue through the backup.

    However when I turn the primary back on and it resumes master status the downloads hang.

    I've since set my slave to sync states back to my master (by having only the following enabled on slave : Synchronise enabled, carp i/f, ip of carp i/f on master, then everything else off except I've filled the master carp ip for synchronise to ip and entered the password).

    Since doing this downloads continue unhindered during either failover with just a brief pause.

    However running continuous ping to the internet previously seemed spot on and now is flaky during after failover.

    As much as the download behaviour is much more preferable this way, I'm guessing there must be a reason the tutorial didn't mention this (could I end up with state table continually growing or anything?).

    Also I'm surprised at the dropping pings as my backup has intel 1000/gt's while primary has 3c905tx's which makes me think there must be something wrong with this config.

    Any opinions would be most gratefully received.

    Edit: This seemed to work for a moment until I saw XMLRPC sync stopped working :(

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