Gateway Issue

  • Dear All

    I have two networks with the following subnets
    Site A #
    Site B #

    Site A has ISA Server, DNS Server and the IP Setting of Client computer is as under

    Static IP
    IP #
    Subnet #
    Gateway # (This is a IP of Cisco Router for Site B)
    DNS #

    ISA is sharing internet with the IP
    in this scenario internet is working fine and access of site computer \ is also working fine.

    now i have installed Pfsense Server and Configured  DHCP now the situation is as under
    IP Assigned by Pfsense DHCP
    IP #
    Subnet #
    Gateway # (This is Pfsense Gateway)
    DNS #

    Now when i access the site computer \ it does not work but PING and internet works.
    I Set Gateway in DHCP setting of PfSense then it works but internet doesn't.

  • Depending on what access control you want, you probably need to

    • Set a static route in pfSense to say it can get to 10.10.10.x/y through

    • Set a static route in your LAN computer to say it can get to 10.10.10.x/y through

    • Add an additional interface to your pfSense and connect your 10.10.10.x/y network to it

  • Thanks Brother

    i have done it and it is working very fine….

    Ahsan Abid

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