Netgate / Alix restore config went south (resolved)

  • I was attempting to migrate my configuration from my PC based pfSense to a new Alix based Netgate box.  Both had three Ethernet interfaces.  The first time I restored the configuration it worked but the ports were mapped incorrectly.  So I restored the configuration again with the changes (swapping the WAN and LAN ports).

    However, this time it will not come up.  The Netgate has three LEDs and it is now cycling through them with two blinks at each LED.

    Did my configuration get corrupted?  Can I restore a default config to the NetGate.  The is a reset switch on the front, would that play any part?



  • Hook a console up to it, see what's happening.

  • Right now using Putty on Vista (9600/8/n/1) I get a stream of gibberish.  I'm going to try to console in from my linux box and see if I get the same results.

    Is it possible during a restore of a configuration that the boot image could get corrupted?


  • Were the versions the same? I had that result and realized I was loading a 1.2.3 config onto 2.0RC1.

  • I updated both routers to the latest V2 RC1 before saving the configs.  Since I have the configs, I'm wondering if reimaging the CF and reloading the configuration would be easier.

    I'm unable to get anything comprehensible from the console port.

  • Gibberish most always means you aren't on the right baud rate, should be at 9600.

  • I switched to a different PC and am seeing things correctly now on the serial port.