100 full duplex / half duplex

  • Hi

    Just a quick question. I have recently cat5e networked a few parts of my house with faceplates. When i connect to my lan after doing this i only get 100 half duplex when set to auto, both my wan and opt1 are 100 full duplex.

    When i use my homeplugs (network over power) i get full deplux on the lan, this is using the same cat5e lead aswell so only the homeplugs are different.

    so i went ahead and forced full duplex in the config file and uploaded it. It now shows as full duplex after reboot but i just want to make sure…

    Is it actually running at full duplex or is it just saying that?


  • Thought i would leave this up here…

    After tonnes of testing it seems my 2-bit switch needs you to tell it full duplex......or it does 100 half max.

    Have used a old 4 port adsl modem as a switch and that is actually working better.

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