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  • Good Day,

    I run a 20-30 person office with wireless laptops/phones, wired computers and five wired print servers throughout the office.  I have a mail server on the network and I am upgrading my phone/internet contracts.  I need advice on the best solution.

    Currently I have a mail server on IP 65.xx.xx.130.  I use a 2MB Covad Microwave Dish Internet Connection (98% Up-Time) with a Covad supplied Cisco router that has a dedicated T1 line as a backup.  I think the term Im looking for is "bonded".  Anyway, if I have a failure on the Microwave Dish the T1 kicks in but the entire time I am broadcasting from IP 65.xx.xx.130, where my A record '' points too.  I have one MX record pointing to ''.

    What is the best solution below?

    1. Phone company gives me 6MB Dynamic Solution where each call takes 60kb away from bandwidth (in my office,16-20 simotaneous calls max) AND ONLY keep 2mb Covad Microwave Dish, losing the Covad supplied cisco router and backup T1.

    A) use dual WAN router to load balance or fail over to WAN2 in case of WAN1 failure.  Do I need to Bond to keep my mail server running?

    b) use dual WAN router to separate the 6MB Dynamic Solution for Office Internet and dedicate the 2MB Microwave Dish for Mail Server.  Add MX record '20' and A record '' pointing to 6MB solutions' IP address.

    thanks for your time,


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