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  • Hi All

    Sorry to ask this, but I have not spec'd a system for about 10 years and I am well out of touch with what is out there today detail wise.

    I have an IBM PII400 as my pfsense system at the moment.  It has three NIC's currently installed and has been running fine up until recently when the CMOS battery failed and it wont reboot without user intervention (otherwise it is fine).

    Because it is so old I want to replace it with something smaller and lighter on power.

    My network currently consists of
    WAN - Sat internet 1.5mbs max of 4mbs if I am lucky
    3G WAN - used to allow access into the network as the sat does not allow port forwarding.  <1mbs
    LAN - 100mb to whole house.

    There are two AP's on the network, but they are not running through the firewall and probably don't need to.

    So I need help in picking hardware that is just going to work.

    My desires are
    rackmount (1ru)
    4 ethernet ports
    Intel CPU not AMD

    Which motherboard will just work
    Which 4 port NIC (Intel I assume is preferred here)
    Hard drive or CF or SSD (SSD seems to not be quite the right solution yet from reading here)

    If there is a partially pre-made system out there then good, but I have no issues in building the system from scratch - I am just out of touch with specs etc of current hardware.



  • If you haven't already I'd highly recommend you look at the threads in this forum. There you'll find many other people's experiences of particular hardware, including rackmount hardware. You'll also want to review the hardware compatibility list linked from the pfSense home page.

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