OpenVPN User aliases - Type not available

  • See a Screenshot in the pfSense 2 Cookbook to create a aliases for OpenVPN Users, but I don't have this type in my pfSense setup.
    OpenVPN server with server mode "SSL/TLS + User Auth" is running.

    Still missing something?

    2.0-RC1 (i386) built on Thu Apr 28 02:29:40 EDT 2011

  • It wasn't finished, never worked, and was removed months ago. That's the downside to an unofficial book from an outside source - lacking the knowledge the developers have of the functionality, what it does (there are a number of other things that are wrong in there) and what may not make the cut, and the author and technical reviewers obviously didn't try it.

  • Thanks for answer, good to know!

    I have the "pfSense: The Definitive Guide" book also, very good work.

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