Queue upload bandwidth from a single IP for shaping and lower priority

  • Trying to prioritize upload bandwidth from a single/specific LAN IP using PRIQ.  If I use the penalty box set to any IP, all traffic both up and down gets sent to the proper penalty queue, it works for both up and own, but penalizes everyone.  If I take the exact same rule and specify a single LAN IP only the download gets queued correctly.  The upload suddenly switches to the default queue and is somehow escaping the penalty box.  What gives?

    Is there any way to send upload traffic from a specific LAN IP to a specific queue?  I need to penalize both UP and down traffic to one machine.  But I can't even get it in the correct queue unless I penalize all.  Just trying to use a simple PRIQ config.  Am I missing something?

    System config:
    2.0 RC1
    1 WAN (PPPoE)
    1 LAN

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