Why is the RRD graph history deleted every-time I restart my router?

  • Hello everyone,

    Kind of annoying when I lose my RRD graph history when I restart pfSense v1.2.3.

    1- Is there any specific reason why that happens?
    2- Is there anyway I can get those old graphs?


  • You don't happen to restart your pfSense by pulling the plug?

    The RRD graphs are stored to the disk when you select properly shutdown or reboot via the menu.
    Otherwise they are only kept in RAM to limit writes to the flashmedium.
    Lost graphs are lost.

  • 2.0 periodically copies them to the CF by default, earlier versions if your system is not cleanly shut down will not back those up, so you lose them in a power outage.

  • I think I tried HALT and REBOOT option but the outcome was still the same.

    I gotta admit some of my clients just unplug or power goes out and I guess that is not very cool?!

    So, no easy way to change that from writing RAM to disk on v1.2.3?


  • Try the following, with cron:

    /etc/rc.conf_mount_rw && cd / && /usr/bin/tar -czf /cf/conf/rrd.tgz -C / var/db/rrd/*.rrd && /etc/rc.conf_mount_ro

    NOTE:  That's set up for the nano version, where the disk has to be remounted RW.


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