I'm new to pfsense

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    i am a student and i have my final year project to done.

    in my project i need to identify and porpose the suitable rules that can be implement in a health center network  using the pfsense firewall.

    i using vmware environment to done my project.

    i download pfsense from vmware appliance and run it in vmware without any configuration execpt the interface. i setup 2 BSD host as a LAN (vmnet3- and WAN (vmnet2- network.

    i already have pcap file captured packet from the health center network and now i want to replay back the packet captured from the LAN host (source) to the WAN host (destination) through the pfsense.

    when i replay i only can see the packet that run at firewall but not at the destination. i also cannot see any log in the pfsense web configuration..

    i have a week to done my project. that anyone know how to solve this problem?

  • when you replay a pcap you have to do it in both directions, usually with two NICs on the same box, one replaying in each direction. You also may need to change things such as the MAC addresses in the pcap, depending on what they were when it was obtained.

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