*SOLVED* PPPoE and static IP on same interface

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    I just found out I can add another interface bound to the same adapter as the DSL PPPoE connection. I assigned it a static IP and I can ping that adapter from my LAN. Now I just have to tweak the firewall to block the wireless LAN subnet from accessing my main wired LAN. Now I can reuse the wireless AP on my DSL router  ;D

    Original post:
    I know this might sound unorthodox but is there a way to assign an interface a static IP address as well as use it as a PPPoE adapter? I ask because I have a wireless DSL router that is setup in bridged mode and I would like to sill use the wireless AP built into the router. This should be able to work as PPPoE is not IP but PPP encapsulated inside ethernet packets. I know it can work, I used to have an old DSL modem that I could plug strait into my network switch and use ras-pppoe one two of my computers to connect via pppoe. At the same time, both computers had class c 192.168.x.x addresses for the local network which functioned fine. I could even use windows 98 internet connection sharing with just the one adapter. ras-pppoe showed up as just another protocol in the ethernet adapter settings and the ppp connection was another adapter all-together.

    In theory, I should be able to assign an IP to the adapter and allow regular network connectivity to the wireless AP inside the router (with its dhcp and nat services turned off) while allowing PPPoE packets to pass through at the same time. This lets me keep the wireless functionality of the router while also using it as a dumb modem.

    I see there are VIP's but which settings to use is unknown to me. I tried setting an IP using the "other" setting and I cant connect to the DSL router. If I plug a laptop directly into one of the router switch ports, I can connect to the router settings page.