Ioat for multiple gigabit nics with xeon and intel 5000p

  • We are looking at our options for building a high throughput firewall / packet filter.
    Currently we are setteling for an Intel only machine. Unfortunately, I could not come up with information on *bsd support for Intels I/O AT. Linux Kernel support has been added as of 2.6.18.

    What about *bsd? What about pfSense?

    Will the following machine be enough to handle two times full gigabit traffic?

    1x Mainboard Socket 771 - S5000PSLSAS 5000P (Intel® 5000P) (2 GB Intel NICs o.B.)
    1x CPU Socket 771 - Xeon(TM) 5130 Processor 2.0GHz (2000 MHz)
    2x DDR2 FB - FB-DIMM 1 GB DDR2-667 (1024 MB)
    2x Network PCI Express - Pro/1000 PT Dual Port Server Adapter (10/100/1000 MBit/s)

    Currently we are routing 5 GB networks. More might be added in the future.

    thanks in advance

    Jörn Dreyer

  • You should do some real life benches on this box. Hard to say what it will push. Not only the throughput but also pps rate will decide how much this system will be able to push. However as you are using some good nics and a good pci bus you should see quite some throughput on auch a box I think.

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