PfSense Beta Feb 2011 Port Forward Breaks Connectivity

  • Hi everyone!

    I've installed the latest RC 2.0 amd64 Beta snapshot of pfSense from February 2011.  After getting the system setup with a static IP and gateway ( it lies within my current private lan),I attempted to setup a port forward rule for VNC to a virtual CentOS server located behind the firewall.  I have created this rule probably 5 times, and after each time as soon as i click "apply" all clients behind the pfsense fw lose connectivity.  They cannot access the webgui or the internet at all.  I am forced to manually reset the firewall back to factory defaults.  Here is my rule that i'm using:

    **IF        Proto      Src. Addr     Src. Ports   Dest Addr.  Dest. Ports          Nat IP            Nat Ports  **
    WAN      TCP           *               *           LAN subnet            VNC (5900)        5901

    I have also tried to set the Dest Addr as WAN with no luck.  Any insight as to what i'm doing wrong with this rule?  I've set this up on a build the same way at home on an older RC of 2.0 and had no issues.

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    Your dest address would not be lan subnet, it would be your WAN address, then your firewall rule would be setup for your lan IP to allow.  Here is example of port forward for ssh to my ubuntu box behind my 2.0 RC1 box

    I also wonder why such an old release - if was a clean new install why would you not of grab the current iso?

  • Thank you both for the assistance.  I ended up reinstalling to a newer snapshot and and reconfiguring with the WAN address as the destination.  Whatever was the issue is now resolved.  By the way Jim, excellent job on the Definitive Guide to pfSense!!  Is there going to be a new release for the 2.0 version?

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    Thanks :-)

    Yes there will be another book, we've made a little progress on it lately but it will be a while before it's out.

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