NAT problems and default Gateway Setting,

  • We recently had a nic failure on our firewall, to solve the problem we migrated our config to backup hardware.
    We have 3 ISP pipe, the NAT issues in question are for OPT3 connection(cable).

    Something noticed, is that if we have the default gateway field filled with the ip address, NAT does not work for the virtual ips for that ISP.  But if we take out the value for the default gateway for that interface NATing working.  The problem is this connection also serves as our HTTP/HTTPs outbound.

    Any have any suggestions.

    I have mixed impressions, sounds like a routing or arp issue, but also kind of sounds like a pfsense problem.  Im not sure where to go.  Any thoughts>

    Using pfsense 1.2.3

  • Something to add

    May 10 11:56:17 kernel: arpresolve: can't allocate route for <gateway for="" isp="">May 10 11:56:17 kernel: arplookup <gateway for="" isp="">failed: host is not on local network</gateway></gateway>

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