Replace xinetd + netcat with relayd to accomplish NAT reflection

  • Hi,

    I stumpled over relayd its a highspeed proxy. My question is, did anyone
    tried to use it as a replacement for xinetd + netcat to accomplish NAT reflection?

    I had a hard time with netcat/xinetd to create a udp nat reflecting.
    The problem occured while streaming a video stream. tcpdump
    first showed that there that packets were truncated above a length of 1024
    so we adjust the max sending size on the client that was streaming via nat reflecting.
    Now the packets were no longer truncated but the resulting video stream
    showed lots of decompressing errors, so it seems like some packages are
    missing or actual in wrong sequence.

    So Maybe relayd is much better suited to accomplish that task. So did somebody
    tried this or can point me to a place I can get a binary for pfsense?


  • relayd is built in. AFAIK it's not suitable for reflection. Some rdr hacks can be used but get so complex when you have to accommodate multi-WAN, multi-LAN, CARP, etc. etc. that it's not something that is easily achievable. For one specific scenario it's easier.

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