Second pfsense interface not working with old config

  • Hello,
    i have to setup a second pfsense. The machine should be turned off and used, if the first will crash.
    If i take the configuration and load it via Backup-Restore, all interfaces are broken (seems to be ok, but no communication).
    The link is not detected and i can't setup the interface to work correctly.

    The mac addresses are fitting perfectily, but no link is detected.
    Even if i thy to restore only the backup parts without the "interfaces", the link is down forever. The lights are blinking, but no "Link UP" in the console :-(

    What to do now?


  • I have to hurry up. But no success..

    If I look with dmesg, i can see the "link state changed to UP" and DOWN.
    But no communication is possible. I have exactly the same pfsense version and config.
    Only the factory defaults are working with communication. The "assign interfaces" at the console shows all right.
    But here the Link up and down is not detected.

    Tomorrow i will leave my company and then the spare pfsense has to work.

    Any idea?
    Nothing worked. I replaced the NICs too.

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