Pfsense 2.0 NETBIOS problem (duplicate name on the network)

  • A few days ago I decided to go from version 1.2.3 to 2.0 RC of pfSense to my corporate LAN.
    This is a Windows 2003 domain with Active Directory with its DNS service enabled.
    With version 1.2.3 everything was OK.
    Moving to version 2.0 on all client PCs XP gave me an anomaly such as "duplicate name in LAN.
    Looking for a bit on the forums I read that it was a problem with the NetBIOS protocol.
    I tried disabling it and only use DNS resolution.
    But this has some contraindications: NETBIOS need Active Directory to function properly.
    So I had to go back to version 1.2.3 of pfSense.
    It 's a possible bug that pfSense do believe that there are some XP client machines with a similar name?

    thanks !

  • Not possible for that to be the firewall generating that, it is possible to have really bad configs like looping your traffic with bridging in ways it shouldn't be done, to make your hosts think that.

  • You are right !
    I'have found in my 1.2.3 release the flag in bridge LAN thath no generate problem.
    May be that in version 2.0 is little difference.
    However, i take away the bridge and all go OK

    Thanks a lot !