Dynamic DNS for dual wan + carp

  • Is it possible if someone can update the Dynamic DNS to work with dual wan.  The issue is that currently version only update when there is new IP change to the WAN interface.  With dual WAN, it doesn't automatic update when either one of the connection is down.  Please refer to the topic http://forum.pfsense.org/index.php/topic,3555.0.html for more details.


  • Start a bounty.

  • :)

    Sullrick, I'm sure it will be a piece of cake for you to update this feature.  It's a piece of rock for me to digging into the codes and make a workaround solution.  But would be nicer if it's from pfsense.

  • Sorry but I am not interested in working on this feature.  Hence the reason I asked you to start a bounty.  Another pfSense developer may be interested or for the right price I might perk up.

  • :-[

    Well, I didn't know that pfsense developers are working on a bounty.  I already had a workaround solution in perl for my environment.  Probably I will challenge myself to write it in php just for fun or maybe I will get a bounty for this feature if I got it to work when someone else is needed.

  • It's not that developers ONLY work for bounties. If a developer is interested in something he probably will start working on it without a bounty. However all developers have other projects already or might personally have no need for the desired feature. A bounty is a way to raise interested or speed up developement on something specific. To quote scott "time doesn't grow on trees". There is just too much to do or to work on.

    On the other hand a project like pfSense needs some funding too to get testhardware, or to have some cash for hackathons. Appreciations go to all the people who have helped with this in the past.

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