Is demand-based load balancing in v2

  • I evaluated pfSense some time ago, as I wanted something to handle load balancing between a number of WAN ports for our Community Wireless Network. We have a number of ADSL lines to share between our users.

    Despite liking everything else about it, I rejected pfSense because it did not do demand-based load balancing - i.e., if one person was using up all the bandwidth on one of the lines to do (say) a Windows Update, I wanted the load balancer to allocate all other users web requests to a different line. But pfSense wouldn't do that, just round robin.

    Has this situation changed with 2.0?

    Is it likely to change in the future?

    FYI, I ended up buying an EdiMax BR-6641, which does do demand-based load balancing. But I don't like much else about it (e.g. you can only use the web admin interface via Internet Explorer!).


  • As far as I know pfsense 2.0 only uses round robin Load Balancing.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    It only does round-robin, but if your WANs have different speeds, you can weight the WANs so that the faster one gets used more often.

  • Hi, I am also very concerning about the load balancing algorithm in Pfsense as you do. Did you manage to implement another algorithm rather than round-robin?

    Kind regards

    Richard Chen

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