Smal Snort pakage fix needed

  • Hi, It seems like the Snort pakage is unable to download paid subscriber VRT rule updates due too a hardcoded url in snort_download_rules.php, would it be posible to include this in a small fix for the Snort pakage ?

    ( Subscribers receive:The fastest access to Sourcefire VRT Certified Rule updates - The same quality ruleset developed for Sourcefire customers – 30 days faster than registered users
    Coverage in advance of exploits - The Sourcefire VRT proactively focus on the underlying vulnerability, rather than simply reacting to known attacks
    The ability to submit false positives/negatives directly to the Sourcefire VRT – A detailed submission form sends false positives/negatives reports directly to the VRT )

  • What is the change needed exactly?  I thought the oink code distinguished from this?

  • Hi , the fix is acual almost as smal as posibel ;-) as the URL for  subscribed downloads an public downloades is :

    Public :        snortrules-snapshot-CURRENT.tar.gz
    Subscribed:  snortrules-snapshot-CURRENT_s.tar.gz

    Is only the "_s" thats differs in the url , the oikmastercode may also be validated but it's not canged ( mine is the same as before i subscribed )

  • Deinstall and reinstall the package.  Afterwards a new checkbox will show up in the snort settings area.  Check the subscriber checkbox and _s will automatically be appended to the download.

  • Tnx.. :-)

  • Please report back if it works okay and give us a nice HONK for excellent service :)

  • @sullrich:

    Please report back if it works okay and give us a nice HONK for excellent service :)

    It works like a dream  :-) EXELLENT service

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