Using VLAN IP as a gateway?

  • Hi all,

    Currently I have pfsense 2.0 install on a Dell R310. The first port, bce0, is our WAN with an IP address of The gateway is The 2nd port, bce1, is our VLAN10 with an ip address of and the gateway for this VLAN is My question is how do I connect to the internet from my VLAN10 using as a gateway? I was able to ping my computer on this VLAN ( and the outside (using google DNS from pfSense using interface VLAN10 but I couldn't connect to the internet from my computer.

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  • I don't understand what you mean by VLAN gateway.

    If you assign LAN to VLAN10 (NOT bce1), and LAN IP is, then you set default gatway

    I'm not sure where comes from. From your PC what does ping show? ping arp -a?

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