Secure WLAN with IPsec ?

  • Hi,

    I would like to secure my WLAN with IPsec, My setup:
    pfSense is directly connected to the Internet, it has 2 subnets LAN: and DMZ:
    On LAN I have a Linksys WRT45G connected as an Access Point (all firewall/DHCP etc disabled), I have WEP disabled (I don't see the point of having WEP while cracking it is so easy, and WAP sucks with linux), I only have MAC filtering ATM, I would like to use IPsec to be on the safe side, but I'm very Newbie at VPN tunneling etc…
    I have looked at This tuto covers having a tunnel for each PC but not in general, isn't there a way to have a General tunnel for all Wifi connected devices that knows that Pre-shared key?? if not then how to do it for each client in pfSense, same as that tuto or is there a better way??


  • I suggest using WPA for your WLAN Clients. It's aes encrypted (like a vpn) and most wireless cards do the encryption in hardware so they won't require cpupower to get throughput.

  • or use the vpn ptpp server on youre pfsense server and the ptpp client on youre pc's

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