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  • Hi All
    If there is a more fitting area for this post, please let me know. I'm having a problem getting this to work.

    INTERNET =========================> Pfsense ========================> Router =======================> Users

    Users are not able to access the internet. A user can ping and pfsense can ping the user but I cannot access webconfigurator from or as I said, access the net. I want to replace a sonicwall that's working at the moment but I can't imaging what I am leaving out. Any suggestions?

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    Unfortunately your ascii diagram is a little muddled in my browser.
    However it appears your pfSense box has as it's LAN interface and your users are on 192.168.1.x with a different router to connect the two subnets?
    If you haven't changed the default firewall rules this won't work since the default lan rule is 'allow traffic from the LAN subnet'. Your user traffic is from a different subnet, assuming your router is not doing NAT.
    You will have to add a rule or edit the existing one to allow traffic from your other subnet.

    This should probably be in installations but never mind.  ;)


  • I have managed to get the user to access the internet but related to this is the strangeness of me not being able to access the webconfigurator from the user subnet even when I create a rule to pass all traffic from the user subnet to everywhere. Any idea why this could be? I can ping the interface from the user subnet, just can't access the webconfig.

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    May I ask why you have that router between your users and pfsense?  Is it natting or just routing?

    Why not just put the users on the pfsense lan?  If your router supplies wireless, then just use it as an accespoint.

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