Problem with portforwarding

  • i got issues with portforwarding.

    Im not exactly sure why this happens but i forward port 80(http) to a webserver
    and sometimes port 80 gets blocked and i can't figure out why some can connect some of my friens can't

    is there anyway i can check if there is problems with my internet provider outside my country or somehow ?

  • Okey after testing my website for nearly 50 different locations the result was some servers was not able to connect to my webserver but after unchecking Block bogon networks.
    It works all servers can now connect to my website again but the quastion is how unsafe is this and how come so many servers is being blocked when having this Block bogon networks checked.
    Is there a list for this and is it outdated ?

    Im using the latest PfSense 2.0 RC

    Have a wonderfull day

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