Capturing News server download and placing in a seperate queue

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    I am trying to make the traffic generated from my news client as it downloads go into a seperate queue. I know all the news servers run on port 119 but i am having trouble writing a rule that gets all the incoming traffic from the news server. I was hoping to make a generic rule based on the port not the IP's of the servers.

    Can anyone help me?

    Also whats the best version of pfsense to run?  runnning 1.0.1 but should i be using a snapshot?


  • Use the latest RELENG_1 snapshot. It has a "penalty box" option in the wizard. Enter an IP in there as placeholder when running  the wizard. Then create a portsalias with the ports of your newsserver and change the created penalty rules to use the portsalias instead of the IP. This way you have traffic in a seperate queue and you can restrict up/download for it.

  • Thanks for the reply.

    Finally found the snapshots so i will give that a try.


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