WRAP and 2.0???

  • Hi,

    Will 2.x work with WRAP in close future???
    If that is the case, when could possibly CF images that will work right out of the box on WRAP be found?

    I have the latest 3G+ USB interface from ZTE MF680 (42Mbps DL and 5.76Mbps UL), anyone know if this
    unit will be supported in close future?

    Since I'm not into BSD, I'm not sure lot's of help how to get it on WRAP is of any use…

    /Regards MrP

  • Hi,

    Maybe there is a kind person that has made this described change directly in the image file
    (for thouse of us that don't have BSD installed -> can't make this change themselves…)

    /Kind regards, MrP

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