DynDNS firewall Rule

  • Hi Guys,

    Can i get some help regarding configuring dyndns account on Pfsense,

    I have added the Dyndns account as static but I do not know where to begin configuring the Firewall rules as to forward
    the outside request to my local server.

    Ive got my Pfsense box up and running nicely now but just need help on this please.

  • DUDE !!!!! WTH ????

  • Well this approach will get you far….
    Try reading some documentation.

    Port forwarding:
    This will also create an firewall rule if the checkbox is checked so you don´t have to do that manually.


  • For future reference, waiting some 14 hours and then complaining that people aren't falling over themselves to help you will encourage people to ignore you. This can be safely assumed to be the case for just about any forum. Sometimes it means nobody has read your post who feels able to answer, other times it means that the documentation covers your problem and people expect you to read it.

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