Firewall rules doesn´t work with OpenVPN Interface

  • Hi everybody,

    This saturday I installed 2 pfsense RC 2 and I configured it to comunicate between the OpenVPN connection, this works fine, but when I created rules to deny some protocol and allow others, this doesn´t work. So I tried create just one rule to deny all protocolols. Well not work again.

    Sometimes I reset the states and worked, sometimes not, sometimes just after create the firewall rules worked…

    There are some bugs? How can I resolve it. thanks...

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    Some details might be helpful ;)

    Is this a roadwarrior setup, site to site - what are you trying to block with the firewall rules.

    Can we see the actual rules you have setup?

  • VPN was site-to-site, After some errors I just do some rules that deny all.

    right now I can´t post the rules, lab are full of machines to fix

    after I will get some screenshoots… tks by now

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    Ok just for example and test I did a simple test into my network.

    So as you can see openvpn rules before, and can ping on my home network, Im connected to my network via openvpn roadwarrior from work currently.

    I then created a rule to block icmp to - and see it is blocked, but I can still ping a different IP on my home network.

    I would assume you just have some rules not setup correctly.

  • by the theme in your screenshot I assume that you are using pfsense 1.*, Am I right?

    Well, I said it, because I am testing the pfsense 2.0 RC2, in the last year I had configured many pfsense with openvpn and worked fine.

    Well, unhappy I can´t try right now, but I´ll try later again and will post here the results

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    There are many themes, you guessed wrong. Im on

    2.0-RC2-IPv6 (i386)
    built on Wed May 11 21:12:02 EDT 2011

    And actually ran a playback gitsync this morning against the ipv6 repository so pretty much as bleeding edge as you can be on the 2.0 code.

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    Any time you change firewall rules to be more restrictive, such as by inserting a block rule, you need to reset the states. Either globally for everyone, by IP for that client, or by waiting for the old states to expire.

    Reset the states between every test, and be careful of the rule ordering and constructions. The examples posted in this thread are a good example to go by, and they obviously work.

    If you need help properly crafting rules, show screenshots of your OpenVPN rules tab and give details on what you expect to be blocked and what you expect to pass based on that.

  • Hi, I recreated the scene in virtual machines and got the same result, but reading this document ( understand that: when a new rule is applied, the state of the firewall is not automatically cleared to not harm any important connection at that time.

    Doing some more testing I realized that with the HTTP connections do not need to reset the states, I can delete one by one under Diagnostics -> States, but not the same thing happens if I'm running a ping in a terminal of a machine.

    Thanks by now. ;D

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