Clients get dhcp from wan port?

  • I want my clients plugged in to the LAN port to get a DHCP address from a DHCP server on the WAN port.

    I thought this might be as simple as turn off the dhcp service in pfsense and turn on the dhcp relay and check the proxy wan port (but the client never gets an address).

    Is there more to it than that?

    My wan range is 172.16.2.x  – pfsense has an address in this range.
    The LAN port address for pfsense is (if that matters?)

    If I plug the client directly in to the WAN network it gets an address (proving that the dhcp server is working there).
    If I set pfsense to serve dhcp to the LAN port and plug the client in there, it works - client can get dhcp from pfsense but it's 192.x.


  • Hello!

    I think you need to bridge WAN and LAN.


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