WOL on DHCP client or WAN request

  • In a poor attempt to save power, I want to start shutting down my server when not in use but leave pfsense running 24/7 (when I finally finish building it anyway)

    My server dosent host any critical services, a web server used by me and a few other people, download box, and some home automation stuff.

    Ideally what I want is two things.

    WOL from devices

    1. Device connects via wireless (iphone/htc phone etc) and is given a DHCP issued IP
    2. WOL request sent to server

    Idea behind this is, when ever anyone is in the house (we all have wifi enabled phones) it makes sure the server is on to serve home automation (not too sure what would happen at night though)

    WOL from port 80 request over WAN
    I host development websites on this server, so if someone requests port 80 of my public IP a WOL request is sent to the server.
    I know the server might not wake in time and the users request would timeout. This isnt a issue as they could simply refresh after 30sec for example

    Is either of these things I am suggesting possible?

    Thanks :)

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