Corrupted snapshots

  • In the recent days (May 13 - 15) I'was trying to update by WebUI to the recent snapshots, but the update always stopped at about 5 - 15% downloading with an error message: "the image file is corrupted".

    Does anyone notice the same?

  • Not seeing that. That message means 'gzip -t' says it's not a gzip file, something messing with the download upstream or some other issue.

  • Thanks, cmb. It seems that http connection was reset during the download. The offline update method (on the console) works.

  • I thought this was something tied to my problem: updated the firmware on my Alix-based home system last night, then noticed tonight (~ 20 hours later) that it was still stuck on "reinstalling packages."  Rebooted, and it looks like I bricked it.

    I'll need to bring my usb -> serial cable back from the datacenter before I can look at the console, however.

  • I don't think the two problems are tied. Mine is the HTTP download was interrupted, i.e. before initiating any actual update.

  • My P4 machine got stuck on reinstalling packages last night too. Had to clear the block via "clear_subsystem_dirty('packagelock');" and delete all the packages to get it to clear up.

  • A commit a day or couple days ago broke package reinstall, that was fixed earlier today.

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