Local redirect problem

  • I have an Actiontech router that connects to the Fiber interface box that has a DMZ set to the pfsense machine.

    All the port forwarding is working fine from the outside. But I have a problem when I'm on the local network where http(s)://mydynamicdns.domain is redirecting to the actiontech login page instead of the local server.

    The network between the Actiontech and pfsense is with Actiontech being and pfsense WAN The LAN network is

    I'm not sure what's going on exactly. Any ideas?

  • The Actiontech would need some kind of reflection support in that case since it's the one with the public IP. Better alternative, just use split DNS.
    Note ignore everything other than split DNS on that page, reflection is specific to the Actiontech in your case.

  • Thanks, this will be a good start and direction.

  • Well I discovered an interesting way of fixing this that works better than split DNS (because there are ports forwarded to different machines). I actually discovered this by accident too lol.

    A DMZ is setup for the pfsense machine and port forwarding from external connections has worked fine from the beginning.

    My brother didn't think so though as he couldn't connect to his stuff when he tested it, but he was doing it internally using the public IP, thus the redirect problem broke his connection even though it works fine externally.

    He ended up forwarding the ports he needed on the actiontech and pointed them to pfsense's WAN IP thinking that ports weren't actually being forwarded (which they were externally, but not on redirect). This ended up redirecting internal connections using the public IP correctly. So thought hmm, and decided to put in a rule that forwarded all ports to pfsense WAN IP (as shown in the attachment).

    surprise surprise I no longer have to rely on split dns for internal redirects!