Ping goes nuts with shaper enabled

  • I've just tried to setup simple CBQ shaper - limit group of LAN hosts to 2mbit with borrowing enabled. It kind of works… I'm limited to about 1.8 mbits and if I'll try to download on second machine both are downloading with speed around 0.8 mbit. However ping time goes nuts iand ncreases from 10ms to about 300ms for my external test host. I thought that I've messed something with firewall rules so I deleted all shaping related rules, but it didn't fixed the problem. When I've disabled all shaper queues ping was fine. So again I thought that I've messed shaping queues, deleted them all, created simple 1 LAN / 1 WAN rules using wizard and... still no luck, ping varries between 150 and 300 ms. Disabling shaper queues makes it drop to 10-13 ms.

    Any hints what is wrong? I'm using limiter as temporary workaround and it works fine.

  • Add a rule to shape ICMP traffic and send it to the highest priority queue.

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