VLAN and wireless AP

  • I've a TP Link wireless AP at the moment set just as a standard single AP. So the setup is simple :- modem –-->pfsense box----> wireless AP (via rl1) with pfsense handling DHCP etc.

    The TP LInk box will do multiple SSID and VLAN. I can think of a couple of situations where this will come in handy, more so where a small handful of ppl come round and "borrow" my wireless, but I'd like to keep them off my network. Also wondering if I could set a DMZ for my PS3 as well. My problem is can I get my pfsense box to play nicely with the TP Link box to separate the VLAN?

    If I set the TPLink to 2 SSID for instance and and give each a VLAN ID none of my PCs will connect to it unless I turn on DHCP on the wireless box - so I'm presuming something is going wrong between the pfsense box and it.

    Any help or suggestions gratefully received :)

  • I ASSUME the TP-Link uses VLANs on the physical link to the pfSense box in which case you will need to configure corresponding VLANs on the pfSense physical interface that connects to the TP-Link. Then you will have to enable DHCP on those VLAN interfaces, add appropriate firewall rules etc.

  • Hi

    I dont speak english but I hope you understand me.

    I have AP Tplink TL-WA701ND. It support Vlan and it is connect a pfsense lan interface. I want configure Vlan to managed different networks.

    Is neccesary have a managed switch to configure vlan between AP-Pfsense?


  • if you connect ap straight to firewall then you don't need manageable switch. but if you connect anything between those then the switch needs to be manageable

  • Actually i can't i've got only one isp link and no cp at use.. But here are smarter ones also

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