Traffic Shaping question

  • Hello

    I would like to use the Traffic Shaping.

    I hope im right with my idea.

    I use the Wizard to create the basic groups.

    For example i would like to give port 433 a high priority i create a rule with source any and destination any and then I
    click on Ackqueue/Queue to put the port 443 to the for example "qothersHigh"

    The same with a  Port Range

    What happens if in Ackqueue/Queue none is selected?

    Greetings Christoph

  • Hello

    I have still the problem that I would like to use the traffic shaping.  ;)
    I would like to limit the download (http). It sould be IP based.

  • If no queue is selected in the rule, then the traffic matching that rule will go in the "default" queue for the interface it is heading to.  There is required to be one and only one default queue for each interface that has traffic shaping enabled.

    Assuming this is a simple default setup with one WAN interface which is the internet and one LAN with the local host(s), and all WAN traffic coming in blocked…

    To limit download, remember that the download traffic is only allowed in from the WAN because it was initiated by a LAN host.  The firewall rule that allows the traffic and sets the traffic shaping queue can be the same rule, the one on the LAN tab that allows the traffic out.  The traffic that is allowed back in is still matched to that one rule that allowed the connection to take place, on the LAN tab.  So to limit downloaded http traffic to a host "", you need a queue called, for example, "qHTTP" on the LAN interface, with the limits set how you want, and a firewall rule on the LAN tab, which says pass TCP traffic, destination any, source, port 80(http), and queue="qHTTP".

    That's the general idea.  If you want to limit the http going out, just make a queue with the same name, "qHTTP" for example, on the WAN interface also.  The same firewall rule will use that queue too.

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