Recommended embedded hardware

  • Hi

    I want to setup a firewall using (embedded) hardware being able to handle 50mbit (vdsl) and having >=3 LAN ports.
    I had a look at the FX5620 at at the hundreds of possibilites at

    What would you buy or recommend?
    What processing power is required to handle vpn (out) with 5mbit?

    Thanks for your thoughts!

  • The linitx is a very nice platform (I have 2 in service at customerlocations) and powerful enough to produce high LAN to LAN throughput. It's also powerful enough to handle much more than the required 5 mbit/s. Once pfSense fully supports the via padlock technology that the in this device used cpu offers vpn encryption will be done "on the fly" without causing much processorload. I rather would go a linitx fx5620.

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