Limit multiple interfaces on a Wan link

  • Hi, i'm new of pfsense.
    I'm using pfsense2 rc1 and i need to use traffic shaping.
    This is my scenario:
    2 LAN and 1 WAN
    WAN=50Mbit (NIC 1Gb)
    LAN1=20Mbit (NIC 1Gb)
    LAN2=30Mbit (NIC 1Gb)
    How can I configure this limits on the WAN interface?

  • Really no one can help me? Nobody has the same problem?  :'(

  • I need exactly the same thing. I am very interested to know. Last I had an issue with Traffic Shaper no one was able to help and seemed to me that TS is broken in version 1.2.3.

    I am hoping someone answer this.

    If not possible to traffic shape based on the NIC port then is it possible to traffic shape based on the destination IP? (*sorry don't mean to hijake the question and I am hoping someone answere something….)


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