Ral0: need multicast update callback

  • I have a wireless NIC that has the RALink RT2561T chipset on it. pfSense recognizes it and uses the ral driver. I am having issues with it however. I see the message "ral0: need multicast update callback" printed on the console regularly. What is also strange is that I can connect to the wireless on cell phones, but not with laptops? The laptops are win7 and cell phones are blackberry and android. I am setup with the following.
    Access Point
    802.11g only
    Auto Channel

    Any thoughts?

  • I have the almost the same problem, get the same error as you.
    But i can not even see the wireless when it is configured as an access point..
    Is this a shit Card???

    Found it at work and noone was using it and i am starting to see why i think..  :P

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